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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

I had stayed up all night tying up loose ends and double-checking checklists upon checklists, but I was riding on adrenaline. I wasn't thinking about my mom or missing Halloween. Nope! My mind was on the road. I couldn't keep still. I bounced in place as Savanah and Tristan worked out the logistics of fitting all of our stuff and all of us into the little white Geo.

Aaahhh... Freedom... We were off like Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady.

Tristan was our first ride (thank you Craigslist). He was soft-spoken and kind. His views were in line exactly with that of a Eugene college student (of course, I agreed with every word). Amazing! He is exactly what I want to be: he had educated questions to ask about my camera and a guitar case in his trunk. He had wandered South America and ridden his bike from Alaska to wherever (who really cares cause he started in freaking Alaska!?). He is the ideal human.

Every word he said could have been complete bullshit and the best part is that it doesn't matter. See, I can tell already that the beauty of these ''single-serving friends'' you meet on the road is that you get to have the perfect personal interaction: both sides get to present themselves as whatever they want to be and then we get to part ways never having to live up to jack.

From now on I am fearless. I am beautiful. I am comfortable. I am easy to talk to. I am god's gift to fellow travelers who I meet or who pick me up. I am Jack's unchained soul. (Hmmm... just a bit corny...)


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