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Would you believe that I don't smoke pot?

If I had my way, we'd all love each other. People don't even know why they hate each other. For instance, I'm looking down on this Rudy guy bebcause he doesnt know his alphabet terribly well or because he can't pronounce the word ''cornucopia'' but I still play with action figures and suck my thumb. We're all different and it's useless to group us. We only wind up pitted against eachother. I wish groups could be a source of strength, and they can be, but they tend to serve more as a means to manipulate en masse.

Oh, so you don't like Obama but you do? Guess what? It's all obsolete; we just need to manifest this truth: This is a democracy, meaning we the people are truly in control, not elected officials. Our system of elected officials was only implemented because people all across the country couldn't come together to make decisions collectively. Well, now we have the internet; we're practically together all the time. Let's all get along.

Maybe this is just hippie-babble, but I really can't stand to see people spouting hate anymore. I beseech you to be color blind nope! I've learned better since I was 21. we need to be actively anti-racist. and set religion aside and nation and language and love with all your heart because we only have this one life (and if we have more, there's no reason to treat this one as if it isn't your only one). There is no justification for wasting one breath, one instant, on hate. Please.


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